Travel Expenses of Employment

Travelling Expenses Tax Relief Claim

Tax relief can be obtained for:

  1. Travelling in the course of your work (for which you are not reimbursed or not * fully reimbursed by your employer),
  2. For temporary attendance away from your permanent workplace or
  3. If you are a site-based or itinerant worker in some circumstances.

If you are not sure, try a read of our Guide to Travel Expenses or Contact Us or both!

The cost of ordinary travel to your permanent workplace is not deductible.

*Notes: The Approved Mileage Rates are: first 10,000 miles - 45 pence (from 6th April 2011 - previously 40 pence) and thereafter - 25p. You can claim the difference between the approved amount (if greater) and the amount received from your employer.

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BOX 1. You are site based. You do not have a permanent place of work i.e. you usually travel from home directly to your employer's clients premises.

BOX 2. You have a permanent place of work but have necessary temporary attendance elsewhere e.g. you are sent temporarily to provide cover or to carry out a particular project at another branch or site.

BOX 3. The travelling is incurred carrying out your normal duties e.g. you use your private vehicle for your employer's business.

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Should you require any assistance in the completion of this Travel Expenses Tax Rebate Claim, please contact Mr Arthur Eggleton on 01461 204121 or email.


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